Controls: [W][A][S][D] A=[J] B=[K]

Pocket Garden is slow-play, low-interaction, screen-saver game based on Conway's Game of Life.

It is a game for dreamers, grinders, slackers and thinkers.

Your garden

Your garden consists of four layers. Your challenge is to keep your garden alive for as long as possible.

Each layer:

  • evolves using Conway's Game of Life rules
  • runs a decay process which randomly kills static cells
  • runs a mutation process which randomly grows cells

You only have one action at your disposal: the Revive action. It scans the entire grid. Where there are alive cells in two neighbouring layers, cells are sprouted in the other two layers. These new cells often die off immediately but can trigger a flurry of activity and rejuvinate your garden.


  • Revive: A
  • Exit: Hold B
  • Change speed: Up, Down
  • Change view: Left, Right