Controls: [W][A][S][D] A=[J] B=[K] Menu=[U]

Bumble Bots Re-Pair is an action puzzle game that features the same bots as my earlier Bumble Bots game, but is a completely different game. This one is a spin-off of the 2020 Global Game Jam, where the theme was "repair".

Game play

Extend the tracks so that the bots can be re-united (re-paired). You successfully complete a level by re-pairing all bots. You lose when the bots run out of track, you run out of time, or (in later levels) bots of different types meet.

Scoring: You get points for every tile placed. At the end of each level, you get an extra live, or extra points if you are maxed out. You also get points for time remaining. However, you get points deducted for any remaining open ends.

Aborting: Press MENU briefly to abort an ongoing attempt, for example when the bots are stuck and will never meet. Press MENU longer to abort the entire game.


  • Mindless bots
  • Ten levels
  • Custom music track (made by my brother)
  • 160x128 resolution
  • Juicy animations
  • Custom font
  • Fancy title screen
  • Help screen
  • Hi-score screen
  • Light effects